Happy Labor Day!

This Labor Day, we’d like to thank all the amazing small business owners out there for everything you bring to your community. Also for your hard work, smiles, and kindness towards your customers. Your small business is a HUGE contribution. We love you!!


Is this the future of retail?? We hope so! As it turns out, you can already offer this type of service with Pose using the built-in, “open ended” price feature. Give a product a standard, set price, then change it at the checkout. Easy-peasy!… (Watch Video)

FICO: Compromised debit cards surged 70% in 2016

This article perfectly explains why switching to the “Pin and Chip” reader is necessary now more than ever. Standard card swipers are EASILY compromised, however the “Pin and Chip” system is almost foolproof. Your business is now liable for chargebacks if you’re not using the “Pin and Chip”. Save yourself a headache later by upgrading…