Take a vacation!!

Running a small business is a lot of work. Every day, we receive emails from Pose members thanking us. By creating a web-based POS system that allows them to check on their store from anywhere in the world means they were able to take their first vacation in years. That makes our hearts so happy!

Success Story – Farmingdale Car Wash

What do our members say about us? “We specifically targeted a POS with built-in loyalty and gift card modules without having to purchase add-ons or integrate with more vendors. Many companies would offer one or the other, but we needed an integrated system for our lower volume needs.” – Nick Lee, Farmingdale Car Wash… (Read more)

Success Story – Eye Doctors of Washington

What do our members say about us? “Pose helps us to maintain an accurate inventory of our products and collect patient payments through a very user friendly system. We are also able to pull reports from the management portal. Their customer support staff is always attentive and helpful.” – Roberto Conte, Eye Doctors of Washington… (Read…

Success Story – Sesroh Tack Shoppe

What do our member say about us? “We wanted to find a user-friendly, simple system, with excellent customer service and still have the capability of generating reports. That is exactly what we found with Pose. Pose was the best for us. It was very simple. Very easy to train our employees.” Carol Jordan, Sesroh Tack Shoppe……

Success Story – Pizza Unlimited

What do our members say about us? “The support staff has been great! Anytime we have a question, I drop an email and have an answer almost immediately,” she said. “Pose is always there to help and that is important to me! If I am trying to run a business, I don’t have a lot…